Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Improvements in my painting arrangements

I decided that I needed to get a bit more serious about my painting process. I have been unhappy with the TR0 for some time. There is nothing wrong with the airbrush itself but I couldn't get the same control that I used to have with my Iwata HP-CH. I had fitted it with an air control but even that didn't seem to be as adjustable as the built in MAC valve on the HP-CH. Hence, I put the TR0 up on EBay. It didn't raise too much and was won by an ex-SBX customer so it went to a good home. As mentioned earlier, I had a blitz on my stash of aircraft etc. Much of the money went into buying a replacement HP-CH. I now have a great combination of a high quality Iwata and a simple little Neo. One is great for the high quality finishes whilst the other is very good for touch up and spraying Alclad, etc.

I then had to address the problems highlighted by my wife which had resulted in my getting paint onto a good quality shirt and a pair of trousers. This has been sorted now. I have bought a full apron.

Funnily enough, everyone seems to think that this suits me!

I have also bought a box of vinyl gloves - £2.50 for 100 pairs! Then some face masks - 10 for £2.50.

All I was left with needing was an airbrushing booth. Now, I had one of these which I bought when I retired. However, it was quite bulky and along the way I had lost the power supply. The Airbrush Company had stopped selling it so was unable to supply either a replacement or details so that I could find a suitable one. I had some very strong cardboard so I decided to make one for myself.

I cut a hole in the roof and made some supporting pads to enable me to place my little LED magnifying glass in the right place to shine down inside.

I made the joins between the boards to be quite loose and then fitted some Velco strips along the top edges. The stuff I had was heavy duty self adhesive Velcro so that will hold it all together when erected.

This resulted in an airbrush booth that could be folded up and stored flat.

The only real problem is the lack of an extraction fan. The Zero One paints are quite toxic so I have to have the model room widow open. 

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