Friday, July 27, 2012

Progress on the Valentine

I have been working steadily so that I don't do anything silly. Then I take some photos and immediately start noticing things like grab handles not right. Still I am progressing.

Here is where we are.

One of the really interesting things about this kit is its innovative use of slide moulding. Slide moulding means that you have to 'slide' extra bits of the mould into place once the two main parts are mated. Normally, you could not mould some things without this process. It also means that these extra bits have to be removed before the mould can be separated.  This kit has working suspension using moulded plastic springs. These have to be moulded using slide technology. You can see the holes in the side of the main sprue where the rods were inserted. The result is as follows: Yes these springs are really moulded in one piece, are fitted individually around the main shaft and do work!

I have started work on the turret but I am now at the point where I have to start doing some spraying so I am leaving that until tomorrow. More photos this weekend.

Monday, July 23, 2012

I will get a good picture soon - oh! and Valentine is nice

I have a new camera lens that has a much bigger zoom than the previous one so I have been trying to get some good Apache shots. Why is the lens cap always on when I need to snap a shot?

Well here are the best two so far. The second one was at about 200 feet. Mind youthey come over lower than that at 1am!!!!

The trouble is that I sit in the back of the cottage and these things are on their way to Woodbridge so come over front to back and pop into sight almost without warning.

Back to Modelling!

I am currently working on the latest AFV Club Valentine as seen in the box shot:

It is a very complex kit and very finely moulded. It even has slide moulded plastic springs for the working suspension! I have been working on this for some weeks and this is where I am:

The trouble is that they have molded the kit using three parts where one would do. Plus the grab irons are very fragile so I have to make a few out of brass rod. All the main wheels go on with poly caps so painting should be easy. I will post more pics as I move along.

Recent Purchases
Am I building a stash? Well, maybe a small one. I have recently taken delivery of a Tasca M32 Sherman Recovery vehicle, a 1/24th Panzer II F in Afrika Korps colours, an Eduard boxing of the Academy 1/48th P-38 Lightning - resin cockpit and wheels, etched brass etc. etc. etc. (I must be mad) and an Eduard Dual Combo Hellcat in 1/48th - with two kits and loads of decals for late war far east RN planes. This little lot should keep me busy for a long while. I am pledged to finish both of my resin Gannets as well. Maybe I will have to cut out the other hobbies and the wine?