Sunday, February 23, 2014

Two more completed - 1/144th Typhoon and another 1/10th bust

So, my little 1/144th scale Typhoon is finished. It can sit alongside the other 1/144th models that I have - 4 in total now - but with a good few more in the pipeline.

Next up is 1 1/144th Westland Wessex  HAS 1 (see below)
 I have also fished the Afrika Korps Luftwaffe Pilot. I am quite pleased with this but I think that the face is a bit pale. The box art shows him this was, so I can only assume that he has just arrive in Africa.
I am pleased with the shading and especially pleased with the compass hanging from his life jacket. I did try to make a decal for this (as none is provided in the kit) but, in the end, I hand painted it.
Here is the Wessex.

As you can see, it is quite small and has needed a good bit of filler. It will be getting its first coat of primer tomorrow so more pictures then.