Saturday, May 09, 2015

I thought that I had stopped buying!

At least, that is what I told my wife :-(
Since the last post, I have bought three more kits and two more paints plus I am currently bidding on one more.  So, what have I added?
Firstly, and rather simply, I have carried on with the 1960s (well early1970s) Le Mans kick by picking up the Fujimi Porsche 917K - the winner of the 1970 Le Mans. This is the full kit, so it includes suspension and engine parts. I find that this, whilst being a bit fiddly, is a more satisfying way to build a kit over a kurb side model. While I was at it, I picked up a bottle of Zero One Porsche/Shell red. I love these options on Hiroboy!

Then....... well, then I bought the 1/24th Simil R Matech Ford GT. For more information of the team and the event, check out the details HERE. The car is based on the 2002 release that Ford made of road going Ford GTs and entered the 2010 Le Mans - "In June 2010, Romain Grosjean made his debut in the famous Le Mans 24 Hours endurance race, sharing a Ford GT1 with Mutsch and Jonathan Hirschi. After qualifying third in the LMGT1 class, they were forced to retire from the race after 171 laps." - Wikipedia.It is in a different shaped box - square and deep - so it doesn't sit to well on the shelf - but I don't care!

According to the internet, the kit has a few detail and fit problems - but I don't care! 
I have picked up the Zero One matching paint.
Check out a couple of pages from the instructions.

Yes, it has a full body cage and - gulp - individual body parts. This is the box side.

This kit has a huge number of decals and it can be built for the Le Mans car.
I have stolen an image from the internet to show one partially complete.

I must be mad!
I have bought the Tamiya BMW635Csi Jaegermeister model.

I am currently bidding on the Ravalglia/Surer/Berger version but I don't know if I will win that.

So, I must really stop now.  Mind you, I am building up a plan for Christmas - Namely the Trumpeter 1/12th Ford GT40 and the Tamiya 1/12 Lola T70. Phew!

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Long Haired David said...

Not only did I win the BMW but I also won the following:
RACING MECHANIC SET A by Hasegawa in 1/24th scale

I really must stop now!