Friday, September 22, 2006

I am in Connecticut, USA at the moment - until Saturday. I have some requests from shop customers for Polyscale and Modelmaster paints so tomorrow we are touring a few shops. I have been to War and Pieces in West Hartford - nice guys - and to Time Machine in Manchester - they have great stocks - but no luck so far. I also wanted to get hold of some Roll Model punches whilst Iwas over here but they were out of stock :-(.
I am off to the Green Mountain Railrod in Vermont today - they have some vintage diesel engines running plus some old railroad buildings so that should be fun.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

OK so this is my first attempt at blogging. As mentioned in my profile, I am an active modeller. Over the last five years I have probably averaged a completion rate of around 2/3 models per year. I am now actively trying to improve this so have made a simple decision. I will take a newly completed model to both of the clubs I attend - each month. To achieve this, I have to limit each model to an OOB relatively uncomplicated topic. Typical projects of late have included a 1/144th Dragon Karl Morser, a 1/72nd Hasegawa Karl Morser, a pair of Armourfast 1/72nd Bastogne whitewashed Shermans. I am currently working on 1/144th Sweet RAF ASR Sea King.
However, as I have been in the USA all this week and the Ipswich Club meets next Tuesday I might not get it finished in time.