Sunday, December 27, 2009

Xmas Presents

Just thought you might like to know what presents I got for Christmas

First off, to continue the 1:12 kick that I seem to be on

This is the Trumpeter 1:12 scale GT40. The Coke bottle (2 litre) is used to show scale!

Then to continue the Native American theme, I got the following items:

Firstly, a Young Miniatures resin 1:10 bust of a Blackfoot Raven Bearer. The problem with this is that there is only the photo on the box to work with. fortunately, our UK wholesaler has more pictures on their web site so I know what goes on around the sides and the back.

Secondly, a whitemetal Pegaso 75mm model of an Arapahoe warrior.

Adding to these, the Tamiya 1:12 Maclaren Honda MP4/6 - with metal suspension, steering etc.; 1:48th Monogram Catalina and the Young Miniatures 1:10 bust of a DAK officer, then I have a nice collection of models to keep me busy for some months.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

A small break from the 1:12 complications

Knowing that I have another - rather larger - 1:12 car coming as a present tomorrow, I have started out on a small 1:72 aircraft as this is all I seem to be able to do when it comes to flying things.

I have got a Hobby Boss F-15C, which comes in aggressor 'Flanker' markings; i.e. to act as an SU-27 Flanker, Russian aircraft. This is the box which gives an idea of the finished item

I have now finished the cockpit - here are some photos


This cockpit is only 4cm long! The seat belts are made of painted Tamiya masking tape to simulate a 5 point harness.

I am experimenting with a new masking material. It is called Parafilm M and is a medical material. It has no adhesive but when you stretch it, it gathers static and seats itself perfectly to the canopy, whch has been dunked in Pledge Multi Surface Wax, We shall see how this comes out.

Christmas Day tomorrow so aI would like to wish all of my 'readers' a happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

More effort on the Tyrell

I spent some time last night working on the car. I fixed the retaining rods for the rear suspension and started installing the radiators. As you can see from the instruction sheet, there is plenty to do in each step. Don't forget that you can double click each photo to get an enlarged version. A back arrow may be necessary top get back to this blog page.

The following series of photos show the level of detail and complication. Somehow, I have to do the bottom part of the instructions above, which involve cutting all the pipe work and connecting it up!


Friday, December 18, 2009

At Last, I have my camera back

Here is a photo of the Geronimo bust that I finished a couple of weeks ago.

Still can't show the secret project. A few more days are needed on that.

I have sorted out the next few models. I have put the DAK officer on hold as I am really not sure about the headset. I have a couple of figures and a car kit coming for Christmas but more about them once the day is passed.

This means that all I have to get on with for now is the 6-wheel Tyrell and as that was my Xmas present for 2007, I guess I ought to finish it before I start this year's round.

That's about it for now. I still have to take another couple of photos of Little Moon and I will do that over the weekend.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Little Moon - Crow girl

I still don't have a working camera but Kev Baxter takes the pictures for the club meeting and came up with this.

She is listed as a 120mm figure but because she is a child she is only about 70mm high. She is a Crow Indian child and is dressed in her best clothes. She is holding her doll but that is round the back so I will post some more photos when I can. This now resides on Valerie's dressing table.

I have finished Geronimo and hope to have some photos later this week. I am also about 2 nights away from finishing the secret project. After that I have a Young Miniatures DAK Panzer officer and (maybe) a 1/48th Catalina. However, I really should be finishing the Tyrell 6 wheeler!

Roll on my getting a battery charger as I am now a good bit behind on photos.