Tuesday, May 19, 2015

330 P4 chassis finished

Well, here we are. The chassis is on wheels and has everything attached.

Remember that I mentioned that there was a PE set in the box. Well, so far, all I have used are the seat belts and the strap over the spare wheel. At the moment, the spare wheel isn't attached as the positioning is not terribly well defined so I am waiting until I can fit the body before I glue it in place I don't want it fouling the body at that late stage! Actually, the chassis isn't quite complete as there are the final stages of the exhaust pipes to add. This can wait until, again, the body is fitted. I think that I will try and use the PE windscreen wiper but this is a little delicate and I might bottle out.

I have found two great videos of the 330 P4 in action. One is from the owner of the only one left in racing condition and the other is one lapping the Top Gear circuit. When you see this, you realise the difference in the technologies. Although this car looks really streamlined, it has little in the way of, what we now call, downforce and thus slides around much more. Wait for the final part of the Top Gear run. This is tremendous!

I have started spraying the body with my new Iwata HP-CH airbrush. I managed to drip some paint onto the body during the first coat of red so I have had to sand the body down and re-coat it with white primer. That will wait until the next blog entry.

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