Thursday, January 22, 2015

The airbrush saga ends

The new nozzle arrived. Once fitted, I gently tried the airbrush to find that it worked perfectly. So, thanks to Ken Medwell of The Airbrush Company. They provided their usual first class service.

Where am I left in all of this. Well, I have a nice little Neo airbrush which can be used without a paint cup.

Without a cup attached, it will hold just under 1ml (1/32nd oz.) of paint. I have found that this is sufficient when doing small amount of touch up. It has an added bonus in that there is no cup to clean out. A quick blast through to empty the brush of all paint/varnish and then a fill with airbrush cleaner followed by another blast though and everything is tickety boo! I find that I am turning to it quite often. In fact, it has made me think about the TR0 and why it is a fag to clean.

I used to have a Hi-line HP-CH airbrush which I sold off when I got the TR0. However, I am rethinking that decision now that I have re-acquainted myself with a top cup. The TR0 is difficult to clean because it has a side cup. This gives it a convoluted paint path. The cup has to be washed out each time to keep the small connecting tube clear of any residue. Then, the paint path does a 90 degree turn into the airbrush which, again, is awkward to clean thoroughly. The Hi-line is like the Neo - a straight through paint path that is easier to clean. However, the Neo cannot come close to the TR0 for detail work. The trigger gives a lot more control than the button on the Neo.

I am thinking about what to do. The Hi-line is £225 whilst the TR0 is £205 so selling the TR0 on E-Bay wouldn't give me enough to get back in with a Hi-line. I don't think that SWMBO (she who must be obeyed) would agree to me spending around one hundred pounds just to resolve my little airbrush dilemma. Oh well, I will just have to carry on!

Anyway, the whole thing is irrelevant as I am now managing very well with my combination of airbrushes so onwards and up as they say. I will use the Neo for the quick touch up jobs and area spraying whilst keeping the TR0 for the finer work such as aircraft camouflage, etc.

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