Sunday, January 11, 2015

I am amazed at how many models I have failed to finish!

I spent some time, yesterday, going through my blog back to the beginning. I was amazed at how many models I started but failed to finish. Do you remember these?

  1. Dragon Northrop Black Widow - given to James in the shop as I couldn't face all of the window masking.
  2. Dragon StuG - Part of a proposed diorama - a German T-34 being towed out of the mud by a StuG and a captured Russian tractor. I made the T-34 but started both the StuG and the tractor but never finished either.
  3. Tamiya 1/48th Vietnam Skyraider - I made a mess of the painting and never finished it off.
  4. Tamiya 1/12th Tyrrell P34 6 wheel F1 car - put it away in the garage - then put something heavy on to and broke the chassis!
  5. Airfix 1/72nd Canberra PR9 - messed up the decals and it ended up on my grandson's ceiling.
  6. According to my blog in December 2009 I received a 1/12th Trumpeter Ford GT40 and a Pegaso 75mm Arapahoe warrior. Both of these got sold off, un-started, on EBay. However, I intend to make the GT40 one day.
  7. Monogram 1/48th Catalina - for some reason it never got beyond the building stage. Not sure where it went.
  8. Hasegawa 1/72nd E.E. Lightning Mk. 6. Made so many mistakes and stupid errors that I, eventually, broke it up on the table.
  9. Tamiya 1/48th P-51d - not quite sure what happened to this but I was very daunted by the red/yellow checkerboard nose, which "didn't" come in the decal sheet!
  10. Bronco A13 Cruiser Tank - the body shell was so warped that I gave up.
  11. Hasegawa F-16I Sufa (Israeli) - binned due to inability to finish the three colour camo :-(
  12. Accurate Miniatures Vindicator - binned because I shredded the marking when removing masking tape! Oh, and I managed the throw the canopy away when clearing my modelling table.
  13. Ark Yak 7D and Unimodel Russian Fire Engine - I can't remember what happened to these two but they never got finished.
  14. Dragon 1/144th A-6E Intruder - just disappeared.
  15. Czech Master Resin COD Fairey Gannet - Ken gave me this kit. Unfortunately, he also gave me the wing fold. I knew that I should have made it with straight wings but... I finally threw the tired body away about 2 months ago. I never did do the wing fold.
  16. Hobby Boss 1/72nd Sea Hawk. Just never got going.
  17. Fly 1/72nd Whitley. I had the BOAC decals for this and did all of the major body work to make it a de-armed aircraft (flying as an airliner between Gibralter and Malta). Got as far as the undercarriage and found that all the parts in the kit were very fragile and, in fact, had broken in the bag. Another one hits the dust!

Wow, what a list. 18 (No.6 above is actually two) models in total all trashed because I made stupid errors.

Perhaps, in a while, I will go through the blog again and list the successes and then sort out what I regard as the winners. Unfortunately, I have had two recent clear outs of completed models. One was as we shut the shop when both the BR-52/Karl Morser and The Ice or the Beer diorama were given away. The other was when we closed SBX finally and moved into an apartment on the Ipswich Waterfront. This required a major thinning out so quite a lot of the 'OK' models were disposed of.

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