Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Stuttering halt again

I would like to blame it on medication and pain but I am just not getting it with the models I am currently making. Both the Chevvie and the Seastar suffer from the same problem. I can't mask off an area without the paint bleeding underneath.

As a consequence, I have put both kits back into their boxes in the hope - along with the BMW M3, that I will get my brain right and come back to them.

So, I have three choices - well, four actually if I include dropping making models for now and going back to my model railway. Mind you, I have a mental block there as well at the moment!

My three choices are:
  1. Make the recently purchased 1:144th Beaufighter - easy choice as it is all over foliage green, being an RAAF aircraft. This means "No Masking"!

  2. Make the Airfix 1:72 Hurricane Mk. I. This would be an easy build except that there are 51 pieces so maybe not. It does have upper surface camouflage but I managed this on the Spitfire so hopefully...

  3. Make the recently acquired Tamiya 1:24th Mercedes AMG GT3 which, again, would be a good choice as it has a single body colour so no masking as well. Also, it is a Tamiya kit so there shouldn't be any gotchas.

Then again, I have a pile of other racing sports cars to make so why not one of them?

Not sure.
Wait and see.

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