Saturday, March 03, 2012

Getting on with the AlleyCat AEW 3

Well here are the first photos of the AlleyCat Fairey Gannet AEW 3. It's a mixed media kit, in that it has both resin and white metal parts.

Good things about it?
 Fits together nicely as you can see.
The cockpits are nicely detailed
The Canopy and all of the other transparencies are cast in clear resin so no vacform stuff here.
It has a very nice template for setting up the propeller blades

Not so good things
Nothing really so far.

This is the fuselage. It comes in two halves - fore and aft. The two cockpits slide into the interiors very snugly. You have to fit the front bang seat and control panel after inserting the cockpit as they wouldn't fit through the fuselage.

Double click on either image and you should see a larger version.

This is the only view you are ever going to get of the rear cockpit. A door fits on here, either side, with a clear round porthole in it. Strikes me that the rear cockpit is rather unnecessary as you will never see into this area.

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