Saturday, March 10, 2012

AlleyCat Gannet moves on - with the usual disasters!

When I was detaching the tailplane fences, I managed to break one of them such that the rear parts broke away! These were cast in very fine thin resin so I should have taken more car, of course.

So, I have had to make a couple of new ones out of plastic card. They are not quite the right shape but as close as I am going to get.

I think that, when they are painted, they won't show as being much different.

Here is an update as to where I am with the kit overall. I have to say that this is a very nice kit - as nice as the CMR kit. (The only problem I have with the CMR is the wing fold, which I should never have attempted!) Still I am finding these resin kits to be a lot of fun. Most little 1/72nd scale kits go together quite quickly and it is all in the finishing and painting. With a resin kit, there is much more 'modelling' and given my background of scratch building US railroad freight cars years ago, I am finding the process very enjoyable.

Here is where I am so far.

Just out of interest, these photos were taken with my iPad because my Canon 500D has gone back to have its flash connection fixed. Not bad, I say.

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