Saturday, March 17, 2012

Results of the voting

Well - that was a great success - 5 Votes (including mine)! - and the winner was......

Get on with the AlleyCat Gannet.

So, here we are.

This is where I have got to. Apart from the fact that I have missed adding the exhaust outlets either side, which will take a couple of minutes, it is already for its coat of Duck Egg Green on the sides and underneath.

Don't forget - you can double click on these to see bigger images.

As to what else I will do now, I am not sure. I am still very tempted with the new Hobby Boss Demon in 1/48th though where I would put it, I don't know. Valerie keeps telling me to 'do a tank' but, to be honest, there are very little armour topics that temp me. The last ones I did were the Marder but that had some ICM figures in it and the 'Verdammte Jabo' 251 1/72nd set up - both of which I could see in a diorama. I think that armour needs me to see a situation rather than just making a model

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