Saturday, March 03, 2012

So what do I do next? You Choose!

Since deciding on my Fleet Air Arm binge, I have become a little unsure of the project. As most of you know, I am not minded to be stuck in one area of modelling for too long. I would remind you that in the year 2010, I entered a model in every single one of the different categories at the local club - except Junior of course - grin.

What I am finding with the FAA task is that there are three problems hitting me:
1. There are a lot of topics which don't really interest me
2. A lot of the available aircraft are short run and I am getting a bit fed up with making good on poorly moulded kits
3. Constantly doing 1/72nd aircraft is a bit on the tedious side for me.

I realise that I have only actually completed one single model - the mid-50's Avenger. I enjoyed this kit because it was a mainstream Academy kit with a few detail changes. Since then I have a Seafire with a missing canopy and an Attacker with missing decals. I also have a resin COD Gannet half finished which is unlikely to move forward any time now because of the wing-fold issue.

So what do I do?
  • Pick up another FAA aircraft and make it no matter what.
  • Finish off the two aircraft I have on the go at the moment - photos tomorrow -. These are a PM Model Sea Fury which has serious problems with the wing roots or the Revell Vampire which I would like to do in natural metal but is so badly moulded due to flash that I think it is only worth putting in the bin.
  • Start working on the AlleyCat AEW3 Gannet which keeps tempting me (I can do this concurrently with something else)
  • Having a go at a Great Wall Devastator or a Hobby Boss Demon both in 1/48?
  • Forget all the preceding ideas and get one of the new Revell 1/48 Venturas and do it in that great three colour camo from the Pacific - memories of my favourite Marine PBJ Mitchell.
  • Get the Revell 1950s Big Healey sports car, which is running out of stock and enjoy another car.
  • Maybe do a ship - haven't done one for years apart from the tiny Schnellboot.
So now it is time for you to help me. I have created a small, single question survey with the above items as the choices. Do me a great favour and take 10 seconds to pick a selection.
Click here to take survey - There is no advertising in the survey so please give it a go.

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