Monday, April 12, 2010

The Marder is finished - at last

I determined that I must finish the outstanding models so I have got on with the Marder diorama over the last couple of days. I cut out a spare piece of pine board and used the new Tamiya texture paints to finish the ground work.

The Marder has an aluminium Jordi Rubio barrel and a set of Fruil metal tracks. I needed the tracks because I wanted to use the maintenance crew in a situation where a track had broken. The figures came with the Tamiya kit but are actually ICM figures.

I have got a new camera so instead of the little Samsung that I was using, I have got myself a new digital SLR. Having sold my previous one about 9 months ago, on the basis that i didn't really use it, I realised that, in fact, it was vital for good photos of my models. My family clubbed together for my birthday and gave me cash, thinking that I was goung to get one of the new Apple iPads. However, on reading about them, I decided that a really good camera was the better way to go. A quick search on EBay got me a great deal on a Canon 500D/Rebel Ti1 which has 15.5mp and a live view. It can even take 1080 HD video!

So here we go.

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