Monday, April 05, 2010

The Blackfoot Raven Bearer is finished

Here we are. It is a Young Miniatures 1/10th scale resin bust.

As Valerie says - even more reason for me to stop
'messing around' with aircraft. This is not as good as Sonia Maes
would do, but then I don't expect to get 'Best in Show' - well
done Sonia btw. I am quite pleased with this one. I particularly
like the 'naive' bird images and I feel I have got the shawl just
about right. I tried an experiment with the flesh as I have been
feeling that the finish is not as smooth as I would achieve with
oils. As I can't get on with oils I had to try something else, so
all of the skin elements have been coated with Johnsons Pledge
Multi-Surface Wax - the successor to Johnsons Future/Klear.

It did get a couple of coats of flat varnish and a dot of gloss varnish
in each eye to make it shine.

The Raven bit comes from a belief in the Blackfoot tribe. This was that the bearer of a stuffed Raven would have the Raven's soul to warn him of the imminent approach of an enemy. It strikes me that this would have been quickly disproved but what do I know.

My next project is a Deutsche Afrika Korps radio operator from the WWII desert war with the British. This is yet another Young Miniatures 1/10th bust. however, the headphones are a concoction of resin and copper wire - I can see some fun coming!

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