Sunday, April 25, 2010

I might just get this one done

Well, the Mustang is consigned to the 'Ron' pile - as in 'Ron - who's Ron - Later Ron'. That spinner is going to have to wait. We took deliver of a couple of Fujimi F7U Cutlass kits in 1/72. So, always up for a useless challenge - the thought went - I can do a bare metal jet and get it finished for the club meeting on Tuesday 27th.

If I can finish this one, I will be in the situation of being able to cover all bases on the table at the club. I will have a figure, a tank, a ship and an aircraft. The ship is a secret for now (don't expect too much!).

Well here are some photos of the Cutlass. I am quite happy with how it is going. I am at the Johnson's Klear stage and just about to put decals on the thing. It has gone together very easily and the only mistake I have made (can I ever do a kit without a mistake?) was to not drill out the holes in the wing underside to take the drop tanks. Hence, I will be butt- jointing them. It should be alright to last until Tuesday.

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