Monday, November 06, 2006

Then a change of heart

Valerie (my wife) keeps telling me to make Armour whilst I keep trying to stay true to my roots with aircraft. However, there is a conspiracy out there...

I brought home the recently re-released Dragon Black Widow. I even got hold of the canopy masks. Having struggled with the kit - my fault, and spent two evenings masking up the canopy, I sprayed the first coat of primer - white Lifecolor primer - so now I have white canopy interior framing. I should have painted the canopy Interior Green BEFORE the primer! I then found that my joint around the nose was not the best. Valerie is on one of her 'told you so' trips - grin. The Black Widow is to go back to the shop and be given, in its current state, to anyone who wants it (call if you really want it bad!).

I now have a Dragon STUG III which I am going to use to recreate a picture in a new book we have in the shop (name to follow) which shows a Stug pulling a Wermacht T-34 out of the mud. The German T-34 arrives tomorrow. Valerie is now trying to get me to use some brass on it - breaking one of my 'gentle modelling' rules. I am however, going for a brass barrel.

More on this later.

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