Sunday, October 29, 2006

A week of indecision

Ipswich Club Week. The usual good crowd and a table full of great models. My JagdPanzer looked a bit tame but there we are.

Having finished the JagdPanzer and the 6-hour build 234 I needed something else to do that would interleave with the BR-52/Morser project. Looking around my shop I picked about 8 different items off the shelf and put them all back - Dragon Panther Smart Kit - Sherman Firefly - Academy 1/48th P-38 Glacier Girl (I even took that home).

I ended up starting the recently re-released Dragon 1/72nd P-61A Black Widow. I made sure that I ordered a set of masks in my weekly delivery - having had a good look at the amount of canopies involved.

I have started it and have got the cockpit done, the fuselage together and the wings on. This seems quite a lot but I am not one to fret over a kit, plus I spend about 2 hours a night modelling so it moves on quite well. Also, the kit itself is nicely moulded with little in the way of filler required. Incidentally, I have brought some Vallejo filler home (it comes in a standard Vallejo dropper bottle) and I am very pleased with it.

In the meantime (a sure sign my wife was a way for a couple of days) I managed to move on with the tender of the BR-52 which is now on its wheels. I must say I am avoiding the engine at the moment. I didn't like fitting the pipework, which looks and feels like polypropylene - so requires super glue, which I hate using, so its a bit hands length at the moment. I have to come back to it but not for a week or so.

Making this Black Widow reminds me why I moved to making armour - I much prefer to make - make - make - paint - paint - paint, rather then the chopping and changing that goes on with aircraft. Also, I am not brilliant at cockpits so I always feel I have let myself down a bit there.

That's all - I will post some pictures when I get further.

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