Thursday, November 30, 2006

One Firefly down - much to go!

Well I took the Firefly to IPMS-Ipswich on Tuesday. I spent a long time on the diorama part of it - well, 5 minutes.
A piece of plastic card with some grass paper and some model railway hedging stuck down with Elmers! I did spend a minute or so on the caption. Look at the picture and
see what you think. I bet I don't get any votes :-)

I spent a few seconds rubbing some MIG Russian Earth along the grass where the tracks would have been on the basis they would have torn up the grass. Unfortunately, you can't see that!

I have weathered the LCM - photo tomorrow evening if I can get away from the shop before 9pm! I used Lifecolor Tensechrom filters and I think I get on quite well with them. Rust and smoke placed in strategic areas plus some oil washed all over - makes it look quite hardworking. I can't do ay more with that until I make the beach - I am ordering the Polymorph tomorrow.

Now to the next kit. I have started the P51. It comes with moulded on tail
wheel doors so they have had to come off. I am conscious that noone will see the underneath so I am taking a few liberties - maybe I shouldn't tell everyone all of this. The main gear doors don't fit too well so I have had to do a bit of work on them. The fun is that it needs a pilot. At the moment I have chopped up one of the Italeri British Officers. How much that can be seen isn't known at the moment but I am expecting just to get the colours close and hope the canopy covers the rest of the ills.

A bottle of wine and the last hour of A Bridge Too Far beckons so that's all for tonight.

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