Monday, November 27, 2006

Land Sea and Air - the start

Well as you can see from the photo, the LCM is painted - at least in its overall colours. Its had a few coats of varnish so is ready for weathering. I am ordering some crew tomorrow. The Firefly is ready and will be coming with me to the Ipswich club tomorrow night. Quite how a 1/72nd Armourfast Firefly will sit on the table with all of the top class stuff I am not sure but I have made it so it goes with me. At least it keeps up my target of always taking something new each month.

I did plan to keep the Firefly quite clean as I think that it would not have had much chance to get too dirty on its way to the landing craft but the decals glared out too much so I have dusted it down with some MIG earth. These little Armourfast tanks actually come up quite well - not up to Dragon standards but then you get 2 for £5.50.

Back to the LCM. I have done it as a RN boat which was good news as it meant I could skip the PE machine guns. Even so had to use some brass - but we can't be lucky all the time. On this occasion, I didn't do too badly with it. Next it needs a good going over with the Lifecolor Tensicrom weathering filters with lots of rust along the seams and gunge coming out of the bilges.

I am getting a 2Kg bag of Polymorph in so that I can have a go at the beach with it. Currently I have a vision of a Sherman up the beach - the Firefly coming off the LCM and a line of infantry laying down needing the tanks to get them on the move again. I also want to try to mould the Sherman tracks into the beach so that it looks like it really ran up there. We shall see!

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