Saturday, November 11, 2006

Slow mover

Well, I started the STUG. True to form, I have already made my first mistake. I have followed the instructions like a good little boy and thus have put all of the wheels together. Before fitting them I notice that there was an area on the side of the tub that was showing as having an operation with a knife. Now on the recent JagdPanzer, Dragon wanted you to cut some holes in the sides of the tub. So, thinks I, this is what they want me to do here, so I drill out and make a tidy job of removing an area about 10mm x 5mm in one side. I then go to bed. Next morning am looking at my work and wondering what goes in this hole - surprise - NOTHING! What I should have done is to scrape away a moulded line around the area - not cut it out.

Talking to Alex in the shop (Alex is a regular from Colchester - Hi Alex!) he, who knows much more than me about these things, says that a standard Panzer III has escape hatches in this area and in the Dragon PzKpfw III there is a moulding that gets fitted here for that hatch. Stugs don't have the hatch, so you must remove the moulded line. Logical, but there again, what do I know...

Out comes the plastic card tonight to refill and hopefully a good application of MIG Russian Earth will cover up much of the damage:-)

Mind you, not much modelling tonight as there is an Ipswich IPMS 'Subby' - Sub-committee meeting tonight at Ransomes so much sitting around and drinking beer. The subby is ostensibly to finalise the arrangements for Telford but as I am not going - got a shop to run :-( - I will be mostly drinking and poking fun.

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