Sunday, October 30, 2016

Tyrell P-34 finally finished

In August 2015, I posted a blog entry about the Fujimi Tyrell P-34 that I was building. You can follow the story HERE. I was not very keen on painting the body so I put the model away until I felt better about it. Well, that time has come.

I got it out of the box and tidied up the chassis. Then came the body. Well, I knew that I shouldn't have started. It went like this

  • Decided that the body covered all of the great stuff I had done so I would show the car with the body removed
  • Sprayed the body and the nose with AK Interactive Polymer Acrylic White Primer - great stuff.
  • Masked off the top of the body as this was to be white anyway
  • Sprayed the rest and the nose with Zero Paints Tyrell Blue
  • Took the primer off - usual mess of a line
  • Tried to clean it up - made it worse
  • Masked off the white (mostly) to respray the blue
  • Over sprayed the blue onto the white
  • Masked the blue and sprayed the white
  • Over sprayed the white onto the blue
  • Gave up and got out an Andrea blue (from their Shades of Blue set) and hand painted the body.
  • One coat of Johnson's Klear prior to decalling
  • Applied the decals
  • Microsol interacted with Klear and had some white patches
  • Retouched blue
  • 5 coats of Klear sprayed - useless
  • Tried Xtracrylix Gloss - useless
  • Three coats of Vallejo Air Gloss Varnish - job done
I then spent some time going through finding all the little bits that I had missed off, including some tiny decals.

Well, it is now finished. I am not happy with the body but I am very happy with the chassis. 

Warning: When fitting the dash, I broke off the steering wheel. I re-attached it but in some of the photos it has slipped a little. It is fixed in the last image!

I can't say that I enjoyed this build. The chassis is very complex with lots of small parts that broke very easily and the body was a right bother to paint. One sidepod wouldn't go in properly and the nose and bodywork are supposed to fit on pegs on the chassis so I had to fill them, which didn't go very well, either!

I used to have the 1/12 Tamiya kit but it got damaged in the garage of my old house so I had to throw it away. I would like to have another go at that if I can find one (and afford it).

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