Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Can I list the faults in my BMW 635CSi Schnitzer Tamiya Model

It all started out so well. I enjoyed sorting out the seat belts and making all of the basics. But, somewhere along the line, I had to decal the body and paint the detail and that's where it has gone somewhat pear-shaped!

Here is the finished result. This is a Schnitzer BMW car that was decorated with decals showing what was beneath each panel.

I have purposely reduced the size of the images to cover up some of my mistakes. The basic decals went on fine. There were lots of them and they were very fiddly. Plus, in spite of being Tamiya decals, they were very fragile. I also made the mistake of fitting the middle decal the first to the side of the car. This meant that it was luck if I got it in the right position and, of course, I didn't so it was too near the front - not by much but that's all it takes. Hence the front decal was squashed in and the real one was too far forward. Never mind, if you don't know then you won't see. A Pirelli decalbroke up on the front spoiler and a Schnitzer decal broke up on the bonnet, plus I am still getting to grips with the wheel decals so these are a mess.

Enlargements of the original images show that the painting of the bumpers is less than good and there are scraps of the decal numbers (in red) on the boot lid. Oh, and I have just realised that I haven't fitted the real spoiler!

Still,to see most of this you need a 7mb photo file. It went together well,as all Tamiya kits do and it will look good on my shelf. I have the same kit but in Jaegermeister orange to do so the pair will look superb.

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