Friday, July 19, 2013

Oh my, does she like to give me trouble!

So, not content with getting me to buy three intricate resin busts, she then gets onto me about "finding something to do", as though making scale model aircraft, building a model railway,  painting busts and sewing a tapestry tea cosy isn't enough - but then I do love her - grin.

It all started with SWMBO wanting a yacht on the shelf, because she sees them going past the balcony all day every day. It turns out the Cornwall Model Boats  has a great selection of these things, both for R/C and static. However, I expanded my looking to the non-boat sections. SWMBO followed up and having rejected my ideas for some nice 1930s yachts at reasonable prices - for instance - she fell upon a 1/10th Wells Fargo stage coach.  It is 695 mm long, 278 mm high and wide 187 mm, oh and costs a measly £196.00. They do free delivery - hooray.

You may, or may not know, back in 1970 I worked for American Express in London as a Deutsche Mark trader. Now, it is a little known fact that two of the original owners of American Express were a certain Mr. Wells and a Mr. Fargo! In the entrance to the bank branch in Abchurch Lane, E.C. was a scale model of a very similar stage coach. So, what did I say? The man said "yes".

It arrived today. Here are some shots of the box and the interior. I think that I have a long term job on my hands.

19" x 10" x 3" and 7lb in weight - in new money that comes out at 482mm x 256mm x 77mm and a thumping 3.2kg. The instructions are very comprehensive with lots of pictures. here is a taste.

The plans come in a pile about 1/2" - 12mm thick.

Each page is nicely laid out so I hope it will be easy to follow:

There is an extensive pile of sheet wood with a bag full of extra bits.

Lastly - joy of joys - there are three large sheets of etched brass! It is - make your own padlock using multiple layers of etch - time.

It is just as well that I already have a NWSL Chopper II and a Mission Models Etch-Mate. These should make cutting and folding a bit easier. Mind you, the big sheets of basswood remind me of the balsa rubber band flying kits we used to make when boys - no laser cutting here - carve it out yourself.

All joking apart, this will be a good change from what I have been doing for the last 10 years and should take me quite a long time. I will report progress as and when.

BTW, she didn't really have to twist my arm too much - I was already sold - but don't tell her that - grin.

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