Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Working hard on clearing the decks - Mustang under the cosh!

Having finished the AEW3 Gannet I am now trying to clear my workbench of the 1/12th Ford Mustang. It is a great looking kit but has been very disappointing given that making it is the same experience as making the 1/24th scale one, which I did last year. One always hopes that 1/12th brings greater detail but, as described in an earlier blog, that is not the case here.

Never mind, that is all water under the bridge and in fact it is coming together and looking very nice. I have yet to start on the interior or the body work but what we have here is a "rolling" chassis. Don't forget that you can click on any of these to see a much larger version.

Firstly, the complete chassis on its wheels

This is the underside view
This is a close up of the underneath of the engine compartment - as you can see, no working suspension or steering in this kit!
Rear Suspension
A close up of the nearside (whoops sorry, wrong side of the Atlantic) offside front wheel
Lastly, on overview of the engine department. There is one breather still to be added to the engine but that comes later.
BTW, it may look as though it has working springs but that is an illusion. They are actually painted black in the inner grooves so that they look like real springs!

After I have taken this to Clacton on Thursday, I will start work on the interior.

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