Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wrap up on the Avenger and progress on others

The Avenger is finished. It has had its final satin coat of varnish.

Last details

Radio aerials are Aeroclub stretchy thread with a sweep of dark blue on it. I drilled a couple of holes and put 0.2mm brass wire in to set the attachment points.

The canopy was lined out using the technique described in an earlier blog - clear decal painted up and Kleared. I didn't cut it thin enough so it looks a little bulky but it worked a treat - especially on a complicated canopy like this one.

AZ Models Attacker
This is an interesting build. The moulds are short run and are quite nicely presented in terms of panel lines etc. Its just that everything needs that bit of fettling to make the parts fit together. Still that's the fun of a short run kit.

I have got it to the point where it has had the underneath and sides done in Sky and I have masked it up ready for the top coat of EDSG.

CMR COD Gannet
After painting it up with Xtracolor RAF Blue Grey, I felt that it didn't look any different from Gloss Sea Blue. Plus I was not happy using enamels after all these years. So, after due warning from Ken that I would have some problems, I gave it a coat of Vallejo Polyurethane White and then mixed up some Gloss Sea Blue and  some XA1139 Light Grey to a blend that looked right to me and the swatches I was seeing on the web. I am quite happy with the result. I did manage to save some of the mix for touching up - amazing that I remembered to do that!

This has now had a coat of Klear and is ready for some decalling.

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