Thursday, March 18, 2010

There is always something!

Here are a couple of snaps to show where I am. remember, that this is a 357th FG in RAF Dark Green and Medium Sea Grey.

This all looks well and good, except there (as it says in theheading) is ALWAYS something!

Take a look at a blow-up of the upper wing:

I have been getting on really well with the P-51D. I even remembered to paint the wings white and mask out the stripes before I started on the main colours.

This is a very small blemish on the wing surface. I have now masked off the rest of the wing and am sanding this down in preperation for re-spraying in white.

Notice where the flaps are down. I do not know if the whitestripe would have been carried down into the gap or whether theywould have just painted the top wing surface? If it is thelatter, then I need to get into the gap between the wing and theflap and paint out the white. I need some help here, please.

I expect to finish this for the club meeting next Tuesday.

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