Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Figures and a base for the Marder

I have finished the ICM figures. It needed a bit of investigation but I think that I have the colours and marking right. They make a nice little group.

The base is a piece of foam board which I have coated with some Vallejo Pumice spread. This is a gritty concoction that you spread on and let dry it dries to a nice textured finish. I expect to spray it with an earth colour and then liberally cover it in MIG Pigment - Russian Earth and get some light grass down. I have pressed the vinyl tracks into the surface to get some track marks.

However, whilst taking the photos I forgot it was there and put the camera face down onto it. My camera lens cover is now stuck open! I managed to get the gritty pumice off the rest of it and I am hoping that the lens door will clear in time. I have made a small cover for the camera out of some chamois leather so having the lens open isn't a real problem. Ho hum!

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