Monday, September 14, 2009

One track made

So it hasn't been as bad as I thought!. I have one side made already. Of course, I have found out some things I can skip and some tricks.

When I started this, I went and drilled all of the holes out and then tried to feed the wire through each pair. If fact, I have found that the best way is this:
1. Put two links together
2. Drill out the holes in both of them so that it is clear
3. Run the wire through, holding the pair as they are left after the drill has come out
4. Set a drop of super glue on the end.
I then put 2s into 4s and so on to make the full run.

All of a sudden, it's running much quicker.

Here is the first side presented along with the vinyl tracks so you can see why I am bothering.
As usual, click on the image for a high resolution version.

Off I go to make the next one - grin.

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