Thursday, April 26, 2007

BR-52 - sort of finished

I took the loco to the club on Tuesday night. The first question as I took it out of the boot of the car was 'Aren't you going to weather that?' I have a few strong views on current trends in BR-52 displays. Firstly, I don't believe that any wartime loco went into 'war zones' with a bright red chassis and wheels. Secondly, I think that smoke deflectors were a post war addition. Lastly, if any loco ever got as rusty as some paint them, the crew would not have taken the loco out because of a risk of the boiler exploding! My weathering was intended to be a) subtle and b) realistic (maybe a personal view). Hence, there is a tinge of rust around some edges and a calcium streak in places following water leaks. The an overall grimy feel. Oh, and yes, that is real coal!

Anyway, as you know, this is the first step in 9 feet of Karl Morser train so it's only the beginning.

Pity that the cab interior cannot be seen unless you take the loco off the track and peer in. For those of you who know the BR-52 kit, the vinyl hoses defeated me so they are not all in the right places. Also, the cab steps are missing. If I have made any other mistake, well I can live with them so please don't tell me - grin.

Just in case you are wondering, I KNOW that the track wasn't painted - smile - I have no real confidence that painting parts of the 9' stretch as I go wold result in an even and compatible finish. I intend to paint and finish the track once I have finished all of the vehicles.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Sir,
The dull paint and weathering are OK for a wartime engine (or even peacetime one as I saw somme austrian OBB a bit like this in the 70's but you should render the oil and grease aspect on wheels and mechanisum on motion more obvious.
Best regards
Paris France