Thursday, April 05, 2007

So, where was the wheel half?

Sitting in the box, clear as daylight when I sat down to start modelling tonight. Explain to me how I could spend 20 minutes last night looking for the stupid thing when it's there all the time.

This seriously substantiates my theory about modelling proving the existence of time travel. Whenever you lose a piece, its because it has moved forward in time for any period up to 24 hours with a minimum of 5 minutes. Hence, it is pointless looking until the alloted time has passed. Quite why only moulded plastic has this ability, I don't know but I am sure that there is a PhD in it for someone!

BTW, this Mirage kit (1/35th CP7) hasn't caused any problems yet but I am only working on the wheels and suspension so there may be horrors to come.

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