Sunday, March 04, 2007

Busy week or so but some success

The Scout Car came 1st at Colchester. That means that both I and Sonia Maes have come 1st and 3rd this year so we are tied for 1st place in the annual competition. Well who would have thought?

I took the diorama to Ipswich last week and it seemed to be received well. The results of that competition aren't published until the following month so we have to see if we got any points. Mind you, they have changed the scoring system so maybe I will.

Now to whats happening on the modelling desk at the moment.

1. I have the valve gear on the BR-52 - picture below.

2. I have got a long way with my SUG III for the Eastern Front diorama - picture and the original inspiration below. I have the German T-34 still in the box and I will probably have to substitute the Stalinez 65 as the only one available is a resin kit and I'm not going there! Before anyone comments, I haven't even started detailing the Stug, let alone weather it.

3. I need a new aircraft in the shop window. I was going to make a Stormovik but Jan Maes is making one of those so I don't need the competition - Jan knocks these things out quickly but seems to be able to win competitions with them - hence I got a Weekend Kit Mig -3. I am remembering why I started making armour - I do find making aircraft a fiddle. The Stug got made and then painted - the Mig seems to be a lot fiddlier. There is a photo of my desk below.

Photos click on each one to see a bigger version)

Sug Inspiration - provisional title - 'Where's that Famo got to?'

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