Monday, March 12, 2007

Yak-3 nearly done and the German T-34 on its way

I got a lot of modelling done over the last few days.

As you can see, the Yak-3 is painted and decalled. As you see it here it has had a second coat of Klear over the decals so I can try some panel line shading. I am going to try sanding down a lead pencil and using the dust to highlight the lines. The big decals down the sides gave me a lot of problems getting them straight. The Yak is an Eduard Weekend kit so there are minimal instructions. The decal sheet has lots of serial stuff on it but no indication where it would all go. Me being me, I have gratefully skipped all of that :-) The cockpit came out quite well. You don't get any seat belts so I made my own. Fortunately I had a standard Yak-3 kit in the shop so I could copy the etched belts.

Sunday, Valerie went out for the day so I had all day to model. I took the opportunity to et on with the next part of the Famo-less diorama. This is the T-34 in German service. This is a newer Dragon kit than I have made before. I found that it went together very well. I have tried to use the etched brass. I think I have got the straps slightly wrong in that the gaps between them are not fully the same but it was 11pm after a b***le of w**e so I am quite pleased :-).

Lastly, I enclose a shot of some of the peripheral items for the diorama - the figure is a relaxed panzer guy (Wolf) whilst the rolls, box of vegetables and the tin box (Verlinden) are for stowing under a tarp on the back of the Stug.

Don't forget, you can click on any picture to see a larger version.

Back to the shop tomorrow so we slow down a bit now.

Monday evening 21.49!

P.S. A shot of my darling (?) greyhound Arthur

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