Sunday, February 18, 2007

Was it the ice - or the beer?

Finished. Scenario - The Scout Car has crashed through the wall (an ex German Feldgendarmerie HQ) somewhere in Belgium in early 1945. It looks a bit relaxed for the Battle of the Bulge so lets assume that this is afterwards. The two MPs have arrived - jeep out of shot - and are discussing how it happened. The guy in the greatcoat is pointing back at the ice and blaming that. The other GI is protesting that it could happen to anyone. MP 1 is pointing at the damaged wall whilst the MP in the blouse has the look of a man who has seen it all before -especially the crates of beer in the back! I leave it to you to make your mind up.

You can click on each picture and see its larger version.

I am VERY pleased with this. It could have done with a bit bigger board but in fact I think that the compactness makes it work better.

So what's on the board.
1 Revell M3A1 Scout Car
1 Pack Verlinden GIs
1 Pack Verlinden MPs
1 Plus Models wall and gates
1 Plus Models pack of beer bottles, glasses and crates
Games Workshop Grass and Snow scatter
Vallejo Water Effect (for the ice, which doesn't show up too well in the photo)
1 SBX MDF Base

Also the scenery base is made from Polymorph.

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