Monday, March 02, 2015

Next Car on the Blocks

Having made the GT40 and the Shelby Cobra, I then read the book about the fight between Ford and Ferrari. This started me off on a mission to build the competitor - Ferrari. I am still awaiting the 330P that is due from Hong Kong "any time now". I also have a very old, out of production, Academy Ferrari 250LM which will need some clever footwork with the decals which look as if they will fall apart without any contribution on my behalf!

In the meantime, I have a Revell Ferrari 250GTO - a car that I idolised in the early '60s - at least until the Cobra and the GT40 came along. I have got on quite well with it. There has been a lot of fuss in the magazines and the Internet regarding new Royal Mail regulations regarding paint. It has got so bad that Hannants now refuse to ship any aerosol paint at all - it is for local collection only! I have found that these are easily and cheaply obtained on EBay and Amazon. I paid £8.99 with free delivery for my rattle can of metallic blue and also to Amazon for the can I am using now - Revell Ferrari red. This seems to belie the "we cannot ship aerosols". It isn't quite list price but manageable.

Anyway, I have got on very well with the kit. Here is where I am. Firstly, here is the chassis:

You will notice that I haven't used etched brass seat belts. They are a lot of work and, inside a hard top, they really cannot be seen. I will save them for the next open top car. Here is a shot of the dashboard, which looks quite good.

I decanted the rattle can, as before and used my nice Iwata Revolution TR0 trigger airbrush to get the best possible finish. This is the body ready for all the other bits:

Lastly, here are the other body parts.

I have got on quite well since then so I will post some more tomorrow. I do hope to have it finished soon as it is the Clacton club meeting is on Thursday and I want to take it with me.


Anonymous said...

nicely done David

Interesting to read about the uk post -they are not allowed by Australia Post either & neither are any enamels but if you buy from o/s from countries that don't seem to have the same restrictions they still arrive!!
look forward to more photos


Long Haired David said...

The reason that the aerosols are £8.99 is that they ship by courier rather than by Royal Mail. It seems that, out of all the couriers, only ParcelForce (Royal Mail) won't take them! Conspiracy - naah!