Saturday, December 01, 2012

More Action on the Mustang

I am working on getting a fully completed rolling chassis ready for the Clacton Club next Thursday 6th December. I am getting very close to that point. Here are photos of the current state of progress. I am very pleased with how this is coming together - just for once. 

This first shot is of the overall model. The bright blue item in the engine compartment is painted according to instructions but I hate it. I am going to paint it black along with the rest of the compartment.

This shot is of the seats. The white stripes are actually decals. These were given lots of MicroSet and they have settled into the seat moulding very nicely.

I normally hate placing decals but since working on the corporate identity of my model railroad freight cars, I have quite taken to the task. Mind you, being retired with lots of time to do things probably helps. The decal sheet that comes with the Mustang is very comprehensive. As you can see here, there is a decal on the window switch with little up and down arrows. These needed a lot of MicroSet to get them to settle correctly.

Here is a shot of the dashboard. Now tell me that this isn't the real car!

This is a close up of the centre console. The climate control panel is a decal as are the Shelby labels. The three little switches on the console sat nicely - I like the hazard warning light switch. There is a Shelby decal on the gear shift including the gear layout, but you can't see that!

This highlights the steering wheel. As you can see, all of the switches on the spokes are there.

I am REALLY enjoying this build. Mind you I still have the body to do and that is where it all went pear-shaped with the 1/24th version - so fingers crossed!

For the picky amongst you, there is a breather to be fitted to the engine and also the battery is still to be installed!


Dan said...

Very nice work. Is the boot on the gear shift a fabric or is it made and painted to look like it. Very realistic.

Long Haired David said...

No, it is painted black and then coated with satin varnish. Thanks for the comment.

Long Haired David said...

Sorry - painted grey and the satin varnished. If you are interested, the colour is Ryal Navy Aircraft Dark Sea Grey!

The Mechanic AKA. Mick Lomax said...

It's coming on great David. keep getting tempted with this kit myself, but I already have too many kits in my stockpile to build yet. Can't wait to see her finished.