Wednesday, September 22, 2010

251 Diorama

Armourfast recently released their long awaited 251 kit. Armourfast kits (if you don't know) are low detail wargaming kits that come with two kits in a box. At £7.50, they are very good value. I had an idea of how to utilise the two kits.

Drama in the desert!

I am putting together a diorama whereby one 251 has been in a near miss with a bomb dropped by the Allies. It has created a crater into which the 251 has driven. The second 251 is attempting a recovery mission.

This is where I have got to.

The 251 to the left is to be the one in the hole. As you can see, it is liberally covered with Sand Pigment (Vallejo actually). Both 251 are decalled with Bison decals but currently miss the Afrika Korps palm. Although they are weathered, I still have to work out how to do that! As the palm was in white, I will not be able to print some so I might just go for a painted representation.

The figures are from Italeri. As you can only buy 'fighting' figures, I have had to do a lot of chopping to remove weapons. I will do some more figures.

My next job is to work on the base. I have some 25mm foam insulation board, used for insulating my shed, which should do the job nicely. Vallejo do a nice pot of desert sand (textured) so after some cutting and moulding with plaster, I hope to have a base.

The main problem at the moment  is that neither vehicle comes with the towing hook on the front or the towing shackle on the rear. I have still to sort that element out. I know I should have done it before I painted and weathered but I couldn't resist getting on.

As this is for the club next Tuesday, I need to get my finger out!

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BOAZ said...

Some nice work there David, I had to look twice as my initial thoughts were 1/48th scale. They look to offer incredible value for money and I look forward to seeing the diorama here in the future.


John M