Tuesday, June 15, 2010

progress of two strands

Firstly, I am attempting to free hand airbrush the Israeli camo on the F-16I Sufa.

This is what it looks like so far. I think I will have to go over it one more time to kill the overspray and to get the colour even.

Secondly, I am moving on with the Feldgendarme. Following a discussion with Mike Grzebien, I have decided that the helmet, by the time of the Ardennes battle, would have been clear of any markings. Well this is where I am so far:


BOAZ said...

Hi David,

The overspray issue can be annoying as it can become a vicious circle. On a Special Ops Skyraider in the south East Asia cammo, I used the Blu-Tack method for the first time over the weekend. It took a little time to lay out each segment of the pattern, as you need to mask a little beyond the Blu-Tack sausage, with low tack tape [Tamiya], but the result was well worth the effort. A nice cammo on the aircraft with well defined soft edged colours. best of all only one tiny area of Green overspray on the base tan colour, which took about 2 minutes to deal with using post-it-notes and a steady hand. I just wish that Aeromaster Warbird Acrylics had not been discontinued, as my store is starting to run low. Although Polly S are exactly the same, it appears that Testors have, or soon will be discontinueing manufacture.

The Sufa looks nice by the way, my main task is the Tamiya 1/32nd F16 CJ, with Isra-Cast updates sets for aircarft and two weapon sets. I shall be rolling the Blu-Tack out again, when I start painting this.


Anonymous said...

Hi David

the Feldgendarme is looking really good, is there any chance that you could explain how you create such good faces.