Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Vallejo Polyurethane Primer

Tamiya Magazine extolled the virtues of the new Vallejo primer which the editor obtained at Nuremburg. It has taken some time for it to arrive but we now have it in stock. I thought you might like to know what it is like. It comes in three colours and two sizes. There is a choice of 60ml (£4.95) and 200ml (£9.99) in White, Grey or Black. Black, I assume, is for the Games Workshop crowd where they always recommend a black base for all figure painting. Not sure that I agree but there we are. This leaves a choice of White or Grey so I decided to try both.

So far I can't talk about toughness. This report is purely about its application to a model. I had two items that needed priming - a 1/10th scale bust in resin and a 1/48the Hasegawa F-16I Sufa. I decided to prime the F-16 with white and the figure with grey. the F-16 is getting Israeli camo so it will have a light coloured underside so white seemed the best choice. As the figure is a German Feldgendarme in a rubberised German Grey/Green colour, the grey seems ideal/ The grey went on like a dream. It is very much lighter than my usual favourite - Vallejo Model Air grey. It also covered easily in one coat and when on quite thin. The white wasn't quite such a good experience. I found that it needed a couple of coats to cover - even to the level seen in the photo below. I also found that I needed to thin the primer half way through. It seemed to thicken up as I went. It also didn't want to be misted on so gave quite a wet finish. However, after letting both dry thoroughly, I can't really tell any difference between them except for the lack of complete cover from the white. I will let you know how I got on with durability once I start painting the figure. It is very easy to rub primer off a resin figure as you turn it around to paint it - we shall see.

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