Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Memories of the Great Patriotic War

I have finally completed 2 He162 Salamanders. As one is in Russian Markings and one in Luftwaffe, I thought that they might look good if posed as if they were on display at a Museum. Hence, the setting below and the title.

The little placard between the two of them says the following:
Heinkel 162
Немецкий Борец
* Команда: 1, пилот
* Длина: 9.05 м. (29 футов 8 в)
* Размах крыла: 7.2 м. (23 фута 7 в)

which when translated comes out at:

Heinkel 162
German Fighter
# Crew: 1, pilot
# Length: 9.05 m (29 ft 8 in)
# Wingspan: 7.2 m (23 ft 7 in)

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JayJay said...

That is a very interesting display, well done!