Sunday, December 27, 2009

Xmas Presents

Just thought you might like to know what presents I got for Christmas

First off, to continue the 1:12 kick that I seem to be on

This is the Trumpeter 1:12 scale GT40. The Coke bottle (2 litre) is used to show scale!

Then to continue the Native American theme, I got the following items:

Firstly, a Young Miniatures resin 1:10 bust of a Blackfoot Raven Bearer. The problem with this is that there is only the photo on the box to work with. fortunately, our UK wholesaler has more pictures on their web site so I know what goes on around the sides and the back.

Secondly, a whitemetal Pegaso 75mm model of an Arapahoe warrior.

Adding to these, the Tamiya 1:12 Maclaren Honda MP4/6 - with metal suspension, steering etc.; 1:48th Monogram Catalina and the Young Miniatures 1:10 bust of a DAK officer, then I have a nice collection of models to keep me busy for some months.

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