Monday, December 07, 2009

Little Moon - Crow girl

I still don't have a working camera but Kev Baxter takes the pictures for the club meeting and came up with this.

She is listed as a 120mm figure but because she is a child she is only about 70mm high. She is a Crow Indian child and is dressed in her best clothes. She is holding her doll but that is round the back so I will post some more photos when I can. This now resides on Valerie's dressing table.

I have finished Geronimo and hope to have some photos later this week. I am also about 2 nights away from finishing the secret project. After that I have a Young Miniatures DAK Panzer officer and (maybe) a 1/48th Catalina. However, I really should be finishing the Tyrell 6 wheeler!

Roll on my getting a battery charger as I am now a good bit behind on photos.

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