Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Not much happening

I have managed to get the Skyraider to the point where I can start masking up for the top camo. In the meantime, I have started on a Metal Modeles Chasseur a Cheval 1793, which is yet another 54mm white metal flat. So far I have primed it, airbrushed the horse and given the uniform a coat of green.

What has stopped me is the need to have a model in the shop for demonstrating our airbrushes. hence I have had to rapidly put together a 1/48th Academy bf109. Just the fuselage, wings and tailplanes. It's been primed so it is ready for the shop. I can get back to some modelling again.

Went to the Colchester club last night. The evening was dedicated to 'Weathering Techniques' so I took along my SKP Humber Scout Car and my BR-52. Both of these have been weathered but using different techniques so I hope they fund it interesting. For the competition, I took along my 1804 Ciurassier and also put the BR-52 in. The B-52 came 3rd whilst the Ciurassier was unplaced. A quiet night though with not too many people present. Pity.

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