Sunday, September 09, 2007

Life gets too busy!!

Well, the shop has been frantic for the last few weeks. We have been refitting and extending the shop area, completely rewriting the web site and ordering lots of nstock from a wide rangeof new suppliers. This has meant late nights and weekends so littletime left for modelling.
We are near to completing the expansion plans so I am now getting back to something at long last.

A recap first. I finished the Alemany Stug - including the four figures that came with it. I put it on a small base. However, when it came to Colchester club time, I couldn't find the figures. Hence the model is waiting until I can find some replacement figures for it. Don't forget to click on each photo to see a bigger version.

I finished the 4th Ciurassier flat and took it to the Ipswich club. However, I appear to have left it at the shop so can't give any finished photos of it yet.

Recently, we have been finding an interest in the shop for more expensive Iwata airbrushes - specifically, the Hiline HP-C. As I had little experience in using or cleaning this, I persuaded my wife that, as we needed a demo airbrush in the shop, I should let my Eclipse go and get a Hi-line. So I am now experimenting with the new acquisition. I have to say that it is a bit smoother and slightly more accurate (see below).

Having asked my wife and regular in the shop Aaron for a suggestion for my next project they were about as helpul as a paper umbrella. Hence I was left to choose. The idea was that they gave me something unusual but... So, I have a 1/48th Tamiya Vietnam Skyraider on the stocks. Doing this reminds me why Tamiya are so respected. Everything fits - no filler, no messing around. I have now painted the cockpit - fully airbrushed with the Hi-line with only the knobs picked out with Vallejo using a brush. I have also airbrushed the wheel wells, including all the shading. I just love my airbrush!

Hopefully, I am back to a weekly development in my modelling and a weekly post to the blog.

If you want to see what has been going on with the shop, check the shop blog at

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