Monday, October 23, 2006

6 Hour Build

Well the 6 hour build went off without any hitches. The quality of modelling was great. However, we stll need to get some people to see that finishing the model is the target - not delivering a wonderful cockpit and nothing else!
Only 9 turned up out of 14 - that's a shame because we have to buy the kits and spread the cost of the paints, refreshments and room hire over those who book. Next timeit will be pay with booking!
Once again, aircraft was the most popular category - we gave them an Eduard Weekend it La-7 in 1/48 and proved that if you work at it you can delivery a very nicely made model in 6 hours. The armour guys got one of the new Italeri 1/72nd Sd.Kfz 234/3. This was simpler in its part numbers but made up for it in fiddlyness. Jan Maes from Cochester won the aircraft category - that guy is a seriously good modeller - whils Kev Baxter won the armour section - I wish he would go back to aircraft and give Jan a run for his money.

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