Monday, November 26, 2018

Scale75 Coldstreamer

I take a break from plastic modelling sometimes and paint up a figurine. This time, it is a Scale75 Coldstream Guardsman posed after the Battle of Waterloo in 1815. The Coldstreamers put up a h**l of a fight at Hougoumont during the battle -a fight that Wellington considered to have been crucial in holding out until the Prussians arrived. This figurine is modelled after the fight so needed a bit of dirtying up.

The model is - surprise, surprise - 75mm  (approx 3") tall. It is a resin moulding and comes in eight parts - the body, two arms, the musket (with a hand moulded on), his side pack and water bottle and, lastly, the head of the bayonet plus the end of the bayonet. As usual, there are no instructions - just the photo of the finished article on the box.

It was very cleanly moulded. I decided to paint all of the parts before putting it together. A quick spray of Tamiya with primer and I was off. I have a box Andrea reds and greys. These contain five shades from a base coat though two dark shades and two light shades. These set off the coat and the trousers perfectly.  I had some trouble with the white flashes on the blue shoulder pads and cuffs as it took me some time to realise thatches were in twos - the Coldstream Guards motto is "Nulli Secundos" or "Second to none". This was supposedly put in place when they were made 2nd in the line after the Grenadier Guards in spit of being the oldest guard's regiment.

Anyway, I got that sorted and was close to finishing when I had to sort out the bayonet. This came in two parts. On went on the wait and had the fitting for the musket in a belt loop. The rest of the bayonet hangs below the soft bag (containing musket charges?) so I had to put a touch of super glue on it, stick it up behind the bag and hope for the best.

The final touch, before the coat of flat varnish, was some Lifecolor Mud - this set comes with paints and powders and did a nice job of making the rousers look a bit sad.

It all worked out well. Here are the images. Please remember how small this is and how every blemish shows like a beacon in an enlarged photo!

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