Wednesday, October 25, 2017

M3 on hold - up comes La Ferrari

I had a lot of trouble with my airbrush last time I got it out- from the BMW - so I have been a bit less keen to get on with a white car. In fact, the main reason that I stopped was because I found out that there were 100 decals to be placed and I couldn't find my Johnson's Klear (which I use to bed the decals down nicely).

Each time I have got the kit out, I have remembered the airbrush problems and put it back again. I have been busy with my railroad (Gentle Model Railways). I have had some software issues with my routing software. Finally, I have decided to stop spending 10 hours a day sorting out the issue and get on with something else. That something else turned out to be the Tamiya La Ferrari that Wendy bought me for Christmas.

I started work on the engine. Like all Tamiya kits, if it doesn't fit then you have got it wrong. With this in mind, I reseated a couple of parts (rocker covers) and finally had to find some red paint for them. It seems that the only decent red paint that I have is a Mr. Color bottle. I forgot that this is enamel and takes forever to dry! Eventually I got my fingerprints off!

This is where I left it last night.

Today, I sorted out my airbrush - gave it a down and dirty clean right into the little bits you don't normally clean. It now works fine - thank goodness. It is, after all, an Iwata HP-CH.

I have given three sprues a good working over with appropriate paints - black, aluminium and white primer (ready for the Ferrari Red).

Current state of play.

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