Sunday, September 10, 2017

Is it really 10 months?

Almost to the day! 11th December last year was the last time I actually touched anything approaching  "scale models".  I have done quite a bit on my model railroad, including some plastic kits but that isn't quite what I mean.

I have dumped the Mustang as it wasn't going anywhere. I have now taken up the Revell DTM BMW M3 "Martin Tomczyk" (RV7082) in 1:24th scale.

I started this out a few weeks ago doing everything with brush painting as my Iwata airbrush wasn't working and I couldn't get my brain round fixing it. Why, what was wrong?

Quite sever arthritis, radiotherapy damage on my bl****r and miscellaneous issues that have left me feeling a bit out of it due to pain killers. On top of that, I had two Open University courses going on at the same time - and I needed one to finish the other so there was quite a bit of pressure. I was studying a course on writing phone apps (amongst there web related stuff) which I needed to complete the final - ever - OU course - a project that needed a 10,000 word report at then end and, hopefully, some working software. The project was to build a routing package for freight cars on my model railroad and present the workings on an Android tablet. Well, it all got finished (on Friday) so I am free - free - freeeeee. It only took 42 years for me to complete my degree but I should have my final result in November.

Anyway, I have got the chassis built for this DTM racer.There isn't much to worry about as there is a solid underbody, an enclosing interior and no lifting bonnet so you can't see much of the works. I spent some time this afternoon getting the airbrush to work and now we are back "cooking with gas"!

This is so far.

(Click on either for a slide show).

There is a huge decal sheet and it is going to be complicated to get some of the decals on but I am a dab hand at decals nowadays. I used to hate putting them on so always rushed it but I have got slower in my old age so they tend to go on quite well nowadays.

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