Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Mustang is benefitting from a delay in my studies

I should be doing 10 hours a week studying for my Open University degree but they have yet to release the next two units for the current study block so I am cruising along with nothing to work on. The Mustang is benefitting from that as I have now spent most of today working on it. Being a Revell kit, it doesn't have the part count of a Fujimi one so it isn't taking that long.

I have also decided to stay with the chrome plated parts to save the effort of stripping the chrome and then repainting - first with a black primer and then with Alclad. It always used to be necessary because the manufacturers always put the chrome plating onto black sprues so any cut points always showed and it was almost impossible to hide them. Nowadays, the chrome is plated onto white sprues leaving the tiny cut marks almost imperceptible.

So the first step was to build the engine. I am painting the car in Tamiya metallic blue so I used that on the engine block.

I painted the cylinder heads with Tamiya semi-gloss black and then wiped it off, leaving the paint in the grooves. I think that worked quite well. The chassis is the easy bit, given the fun that I have had with Tamiya and Fujimi suspensions. No such effort here. It is all moulded in one!

The next stage is to make the dashboard. This is where I made my big(ish) mistake. I put the decals into the dash upside down. Mind you, once the dash is in place and the body on, no one will ver be able to see the results.

Once I had fitted the steering wheel, the problem was almost out of sight.

I am now working on the body shell and the main interior.I hope to get a lot done this evening and finish the whole thing off tomorrow - three days? I must be concentrating at last.

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